Data Driven Solutions

Smart Circular Economy

Innoviable provides data as a service

Our IoT platform is based on Circular Economy 

Do you know when your waste bin is full?

Do you charge your customers collection of waste bins and containers that are not full?

Do you have staff regularly checking waste bins that are not full?

Most companies don’t consider waste as a resource. That is part of the problem. When you don’t think of waste as a resource you are more reluctant to develop more cost efficient solutions.


How about a solution that handles waste in a smart and cost efficient way? Innoviable use sensors to collect data in your bins andcontainers. Data that we make available as information.


When you get hold of new information about your assets, together we will be able to achieve knowledge, based on data, about how we can make your business more efficient.


Our Story

Innoviable started with a challenge. A challenge to collect data. But no ordinary data. Data about waste. Today we know a lot about waste handling. Togheter with an IoT platform data becomes information and knowledge.




Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions to transform waste to resources.


Our vision is to empower our customers with knowledge and wisdom by providing data as information


Devotion - Involvement - Knowledge - Communication

Data 24/7

Data anytime/anywere.


Modular design to fit your business


Innoviable provides solutions tailored for your business