IoT + Circular Economy = Innoviable

Waste and Circular Economy

For the last 150 years we have gone from a sustainable way of living to a linear economy where we harvest our earth and dump the waste. Waste is when we consider a product to reach the value zero. If we can keep the value of our products for a longer time and close the loop, values will be gained and both your and Innoviables businesses will be more sustainable.


IoT and Circular Economy

Internet of Things (IoT) is when we start to connect all “things”. In the history of electronics all products have been produced in a linear way. This is because we have considerar material as an endless resource. Today we have seen that some elements are a finite resource. Today we have started to recycle some elements but still a lot of electronics will end up in the dump. To be able to keep the value of electronics it must be kept higher in the value chain. This could be done in several ways. One thing is to design products in a modular way where you can reuse or repurpose the electronics. Next thing could be to remanufacture electronics and find ways to get old electronics back in the production line.


Innoviable platform

The Innovioble platform is an IoT platform based on circular Economy. This means that we sell all our products as a service. This on the other hand, if hardware is utilized, even in your premises, Innoviable will still own the hardware and you will only pay for the data delivered. This will lower your risk and initial cost. We will also be a partner all the way from initial contact via deployment to end of life. But now the fun begins with the circular economy. When you consider a service end of life, we will collect the hardware and reuse it in new applications. It could be an upgrade for you or a new life for another customer. The only thing you need to consider is how you will reach wisdom with all the data and information we provide.

To be able to upgrade, reuse, remanufacture and repurpose our services along with maintenance and repair we need to design both hardware and software in a modular way. Our devices for example are based on 3 modules so we can upgrade sensors or radio communication based on your requirements. Together with our software that can be upgraded OTA(Over The Air) you will be able to take advantage of both new functionalities and security patches.


Technical information

The platform consists of devices, gateways and a cloud solution.

Devices are designed with sensors and radio modules to be able to collect analog data and send to a gateway,

A gateway is an Internet connected system on chip computer that communicates with devices and securely sends messages with data to the cloud.

The cloud is the main storage of data. All gateways are connected to the cloud. In the cloud all data is stored and processed. All data will then be available 24/7 by our API. This means that you as a customer can request data and information from anywhere at any time.